Is anyone else only interested in girls who ignore them?

I feel like such a child at times, but my mentality is if a girl shows interest in me, and constantly hits me up I get completely turned off and I think I'm better than them. I try to convince myself I'm not, but mentally I just don't want to be with that person. Even though I know this is a silly mentality I can't break it. When a girl that I'm interested in ignores me I instantly become obsessed with that girl, and I feel anxiety and I constantly check if they've responded.


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  • Most often this (or at least similar) behavior is based in childhood experences. You want love and companionship, but it can be scary. When we have been rejected by loved ones we try to convince (and often believe) that we don't need this closeness.

    It's safer to love someone from afar with out the having to face the reality of a relationship. Some men chose one night stands, other unrequited love. Eventually this stops working and you feel more lonely.

    The first step might be to work on building a deep platonic relationship with a women. Teach yourself that you can be safe and have the connection we all crave.

  • You're stuck in the endless loop of playing the game unless you figure out what you're really searching for deep down. Find yourself, love yourself, the answer will not come from another person.

    • I dont think im "playing the game". I just think I have some deep issues that I need to sort out. I'm just never content, when I get something I want something better. I wish I could just be happy with what I have.

    • That is the game though. You find the chase more thrilling, then when you catch the mouse you lose interest so on to the next chase. You don't see it?

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  • Absolutely not. My first girlfriend was kind of unresponsive so I broke up with her on the spot.

    • I'm not talking about girlfriends/boyfriends. I'm talking about people you're just messing around with or getting to know. In an established relationship I wouldn't want to be ignored either.

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    • Ohh yeah my ex did the same so I understand you...

    • @ElissaDido then I understand your feels, sis