Girls, Who do you find more attractive girls?

So I'm gonna list a few types of men and explain how they are stereotypically. Tell me which you'd like to date more. I'm doing a little research for a sociology paper I'm writing so your help is appreciated ^_^

1: City Men:

These men were born in and live in the city. They usually are easier going and less driven but more protective and more prone to violence. They usually aren't too keen on domestic life. They are loving and caring in their own way but some how manage to seem dominant and submissive at the same time. They are typically witty and sarcastic. The typical city man.

2: Country Men:

These men are born and raised farmers and ranchers. Extremely protective and caring. Not very easy going and not very prone to violence. Usually attractive and a "manly man" who likes to work with his hands. They usually love the thought of domestic life and having children. Up at the crack of dawn and have a particular interest in the romantic world.

3: The Hybrid Man (What I am):

A country boy raised in the country who lives in the city or vice versa. The best of both really. Like working with their hands but are easy going and enjoy being lazy and lying in bed to relax. An appreciation for technology but no dependency. Very protective and extremely caring. Likes an adventure but also likes home life. Wants children and has traditional values. Usually a mix of dominant and submissive.

So what's more attractive? I know people will look at these and go "Well option 3 duh" but you learn when doing such social studies that you can't always believe the obvious. So tell me what you think!

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  • I dislike extremese but tbh none of those options as described are appealing.

    • Just pick what is closest and go with that.

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    • No, that's fine. You deliberately made the city one sound like an arse, and then the two other ones could have been nice people if they weren't described as "traditional." Off-putting.

    • It was all just stereotyping. Feel free to infer whatever you like.

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