Will you want to be with a woman like that or you think she will eventually leave you for some established man?

Would you like to date a woman who is working to be a life science data scientist, social media expert and working to establish herself as a fitness dancer? Who is confident but also a little conservative given she will not have sex until you date her seriously. Has multiple degrees and associations/publications with top 100 educational institutes for research and development. Some guys she met thought she was not made for them since she is a strict follower of ambitions and have an order and moral in life. No, she is not a snob and does household chores and cooking well enough too. No, she is not prude given she likes to have fun times dancing and drinking with friends.

  • I will not want to be with her
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  • I will not mind being with her seriously.
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  • I think, she will not like dating me
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  • I really want to be with her!!!
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  • I would personally have no problem with such a woman - the better question, as always, is whether she would date me?

    • If the conditions in question are met, why not?

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    • Thanks for mho

    • You are welcome ^^

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  • No I wouldn't.
    Not because of their achievements, but because of their condescending belief that they might be a reason that somebody would not want to date them for.

    • I speak from previous experience patterns. Anything like that gets me into serious doubts. Even a researcher with false results consecutively gets into doubt after the failed experiments.

  • Lost me at no sex


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