I need help to figure out what is going in this relationship with a girl?

Ok it started 3 years ago when i liked this girl so much but never talk to her only saying hi from time to time

At my final year of college i talked to her that i really like her and i want to be with her

She didn't say yes or no.. Just told me she needs to think about and that she afraid of being in a relationship due to bad experience

We talked for 2 months sometime i feel we are close to each others, other times i feel she dont want us to be together but never say so everytime i talk about this she just end it with no clear response

Last time i got alittle mad and told her to take her space and decide what she wants
we are not talking for like 10-13 days now but still comment on each other status and so on..

Lately i am not comfortable with this situation and i dont know should i end this , wait for her response , or talk to her again and tell her to decide now?

I haven't been with many girls so i dont know what to do in such situations


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  • Give up.


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  • With a cold response from that I think its safe to say she isn't interested at you at all.