Anyone else like this? I like responding to messages late (not quickly) because I'm partially nervous and partially like it slow?

I've always been this way... But I never respond to messages right away UNleSS of course it's my best friend or parents and there's no nervousness involved. But if I'm talking to a man I'm interested in, i am quite nervous and like responding with good messages, so sometimes I wait half hour or hours to respond.. Like this guy on Facebook I've been messaging.. He messaged me last night and I was awake.. I was super excited to see a message from him, but I didn't want to respond right away because I loved the feeling of being messaged by him, thinking of what to say, and just taking my time with it all. I responded not til this morning. I hate messaging someone back to back within seconds because the conversations usually die faster and I am not as careful with what I choose to say. I also love the anticipation. Is anyone else like this or am I weird? Does it look bad?

and this is just normal conversation... Not like, if I'm meeting someone and I need to respond quickly.

  • Yes, I'm like that too!!
  • No, I'm not like that
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  • I'm somewhat like that in that I have a habit towards verbose texts, a tad long-winded, as though I'm writing a letter (but excluding the formalities).

    That said, I don't usually think much on it. I just dump a bunch of text and send it.

    I would prefer a format more like writing letters though than a constant stream of communication.

    • That's how I am too (: I send longer messages and make sure it all looks grammatically correct as well

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    • I think this longer letter-style exchange is also more suitable for long distance relationships. It's a bit more of a monologue, but I think that prevents conversations from drying up. I can't imagine how people would manage to text rapidly on a daily basis and not dry up conversation topics within a few weeks.

    • That's exactly what I think too. I don't understand how one can text another everyday all day long with quick messages back and forth... It would drive me nuts

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  • It makes sense for those situations since it gives you time to think out your message and don't look desperate either


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  • While it does say you have a life, it also shows that answering someone isn't your main priority, or high on your list. If this is a guy you're interested in I would recommend not doing this, as it will come off like you're not that interested. Why hours or days? Wait a few minutes and reply. If it's regular conversation like you said, why does such deep thought have to go into it?

  • i trade off, depends..