Have I shown TOO much interest in this guy that he's turned off? Am I being too eager?

A few weeks ago he and I matched on tinder. I had stalked him on fb before so I already knew who he was, but he had never seen or knew of me at all. I already had a crush on him.. We sent casual messages back and forth before I asked him if he'd like to talk somewhere else to which he responded he would.
Then he disappeared off tinder so I tracked him on fb and added him, and he accepted. He apologized and said his phone crashed and how he's using a tablet, so his tinder was deleted in the process. I believe him. I asked him if he'd like to go out sometime straight up. I hate messaging online with someone before I meet them or know them.. Small talk is not my thing. He had responded he definitely would. We tried to plan a day but due to his reasons and he we busy, it never happened but he apologized to me. I then messaged back that it's alright and I would still really like to meet him, whenever he is less busy. And due to his work, I truly believe he is busy. And I only had asked him out a week ago.

Am I being too strong or forceful? Or is it just about right to show I am interested in meeting him? I don't message him when he doesn't respond, I don't get after him like he should free up his time.. I just want to meet the dude. Is this okay?

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He isn't on tinder at all anymore either (I checked with a fake account... And he actually doesn't have a phone anymore, i checked that too)


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  • I'd not text/message and see if he misses you and reaches out. If he's always "Busy" than why are you wasting your time pursuing him. If you did hit it off.. you'd still be waiting.

    • Well we don't know each other at all to say if we would hit it off or not. It's literally just Facebook friends and a couple message exchanges..

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    • Because that's just how I am.

    • OMG, that's kind of scary.. I just had the video for Eminem's STAN pop into my head after reading that.


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  • Nah you're good


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