Does he like me? What do you think?

So last night I went to the movies with a guy. When he asked me to go it was to "hang out". So I got there and he had already bought me a ticket. Throughout the movie he had his hand on the arm rest but more towards my side, and he kept shooting closer to me so we were touching. Towards the end he put his hand on mine (mine was laying on my leg near my knee). I'm not sure if he did this intentionally? But with that he kinda kept moving his fingers on my top hand. Then after the movie we want to sit down and he sat super close. He always wants to hang out, he says he wants me to go shooting with him and says hell take care of me and teach me. Does he like me.

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  • More obvious than that won't happen:
    He asks you out, Buys yo stuff, Gets closer says he will take care of you (As a boyfriend).
    No doubt he likes you!

  • Shooting sure sounds a bit extreme for an under-18 date.


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