If a guy is slow to meet me, is that disinterest or does he just want the right time or is nervous?

We only know each other online on Facebook. We both don't post that much.. Our opinions are based a lot of our pictures and random posts. We haven't engaged in much messages either, just about certain likes with movies and places we have been to. We've been friends for a couple weeks. If he knows I want to meet him, since I have suggested it and asked him, but he tells me he is crazy busy this last weekend, but suggests to meet still.. Is that a good sign or is he being nice?


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  • Probably nervous, and maybe also has social anxiety.

    I would personal need a lot of time to meet a potential romantic interest in person (if we initially met online), mainly because I'm a bit nervous about making a good first impression.

    • @joseyyywhales

      Yeah whatever. I'm not even trying to meet girls anyway, so the joke is on you, mate!

  • Hard to tell


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  • I'd assume he's disinterested.