Guy I'm interested in is no longer flirting back. What does that mean?

I'm interested in this guy I work with (summer job, not a big deal). I thought he had been mildly flirting with me all throughout the summer (calling me by a pet name, making funny comments about things in the moment, etc.). We don't have that many opportunities to talk since we are constantly busy, but we've had a few minutes here and there to smile at each other or make funny comments. Now that I've been gathering up the courage to ask him to hang out with me outside of work, it seems that the flirting has died down and I'm not sure what to think of it. Was he never really flirting? Is he tired of it?


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  • You could've come off as not flirting back so he stopped... Otherwise, you should still ask him to hang out, and worst case you guys become friends not more than that.

    • Thanks, I'll try that.

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  • It means he's no longer interested.

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