Should I kiss him when I see him or no?

OK so this guy that I've been "talking" to romantically for 2 months is coming up to my college tomorrow with my guy cousin. (they're best friends) should I kiss him when I see him or no?


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  • umm that's up to you, maybe on the cheek...or just a hug would be suffice...take it slow, go with the flow - it shouldnt be awkward if it happens it say if you kiss your cousin on his cheek, kiss him on his cheek as well or whatever, just be cool about it don't freak out lol

    hope this helps

    • Haahaha thanks I was worried because I'm already a really awkward person lol

  • Do what ur heart tells U,but I feel just give him a tight hug,go out with him spent time with him if you get time.Give it a little time girl,if you want the kiss to be perfect.But ya don't delay too much.

    Just find out if he would value you and ur kiss as you do or not.


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