Girls, Would you date a Guy who's a fitness freak? Always full throttle, gotta look good. A guy without a 6 pack, Is that a turn off?

A Geek with a fitness edge , not the Model type you see in fitness mags or TV !

I don't mean every day, just lookin good as Stayin Fit! I never said JACKED like Jay Culter pro IFBB or Ronnie Coleman!


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  • No, I couldn't date anyone that's overly concerned with their looks. If they exercise as a stress release or an outlet for aggression then fine. If they are full throttle and always concerned with their weight or 6pack, and have to hit the gym constantly to "look good" or whatever then no that would never work for me.

    I am very fit but I don't do the things I do to look good, I am fit because of the things I like... hiking, kayaking, white water rafting, climbing, long distance running, dancing, yoga. That's what I'd want in the person I date. Someone who is active not look obcessed.

    • Yoga no thanks , running no way id rather go ride road biker for 6 miles!

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    • Sounds too involved I like things I can do on the fly with minimal tools-lol.

    • on the fly, sounds dirty, get a sand rail an come to Nevada you will be thrilled

  • Not for me. I don't wanna date someone who's obsessed with what they look like and I like food so I want someone who likes to eat food too. I tend to date guys with a dad bod and I love a dad bod 👍 So do you but it's not someone I'd date personally.

    • 1st being obsessed with your physic are guy's like Ronnie Coleman , Jay Cutler IFBB PRO, Greg Valentino! The Steroid user's ! They are obsessed with their body, so much that if they are not jacked with 26 inch biceps, or look good they will pump more Steroids just to gain the muscle an achieve the look they're after! Low body fat , giant veins , an full out muscular status!

    • Fitness freaks are still obsessed with their weight and how the look and what they eat. I'm not into steroid users or just fitness freaks tbh.

  • Yes because I am fitness freak too. I am addicted to the gym. So we'd have a common interest

  • If he is too obsessed, then no