I have been single for eight years and I don't feel like I could ever function in another relationship. Do you agree?

I have become so used to be single that having a woman around will feel like a ball and chain around my neck. I enjoy being able to shut myself off and recharge my batteries when I need to. I enjoy being able to have a day off work, lazing around playing video games and drinking a beer or two. I enjoy being totally selfish with how and whom I spend my day with.

I have learned to love myself, I am totally dependent on nobody else and I have overcome various challenges without anyone there for me and I am now well on my way to becoming a much more successful person career wise.

I thought I was open to having a relationship, but the more and more I think about it, the less I feel like I actually want one and I have never felt I need one. I am happy, content and comfortable being a single man.


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  • I think that getting back into dating can be like jumping into a cold pool. You don't really want to do it and it's going to be really unpleasant at first, but it will probably also be a ton of fun and that one person over there looks fun.

    I also think that being happy and healthy single are keys to being happy and healthy in a relationship so it can't hurt to try, you know?


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    Besides there's too much drama in relationships, and they are NEVER EVER completely guaranteed to last forever any way. When you have nobody, you will always have nobody to Lose, it's as simple as that. And you won't ever be disappointed and never ever have to fight with your significant other over this or over that, and dealing with jealousy or trust problems.

    I'm actually in my mid 30s by the way, don't let my age displayed fool you otherwise. I'm in a similar situation, so maybe we think like-minded. I have to agree it's better we solely rely on ourselves anyway, instead of becoming dependent upon somebody else to create or provide us "happiness".

    You've been single for the last 8 years? I've done it for MORE THAN 20 years, and I'm still still counting lol


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  • Well if you are happy w it, fuck society, we are all preassured tto be in relationships or otherwise something is wrong w us, fuck that.

    But also, there might be the person to love you and accept you as you are and that can work with the way you are quite well. If aving a woman around will feel like a ball and chain around your neck it means she is not the person for you.

  • Well if you don't want a relationship, don't be in one. Simple as that.


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  • Oh man, you remind me of myself! I have been single for over 5 years now, and the only 2 relationships I had, were dysfunctional ones with really nasty women.

    But the difference is, I don't think I have become 'used' to being single. I am very much open to a relationship. But I'm so rusty that I have no clue about how to approach women, what to say to them, and most importantly, how to get them to see me romantically. I'm totally lost in these matters. But I'm not even 'desperate' for a relationship or anything, and am just letting life take it's own course.

    • I always feel like I am open to being in a relationship and then I meet a woman and I think "I really can't be bothered to pursue this". The effort just isn't worth the reward as far as I'm concerned. It's not a reflection on these women because some of them have been great women in their own right, I just don't feel like I need a relationship. I have been on several dates over the years and while I enjoyed them I never felt it necessary to take things further.

      Maybe I just haven't met the right woman yet.

      You seem like a good chap, Sir, I hope you find that woman someday.

    • I can completely understand what you feel. And I sometimes feel the same, that the 'efforts' we men are required to put in to woo women, may not really be worth it because we might chase a woman for months, only to have her reject us - which means, all the efforts and time gone down the drain.

      In my case specifically, my race is a HUGE problem as well. I am an Indian man (although I don't stay in India anymore). And women just do NOT prefer Indian men at all. Even Indian women are mainly attracted to white, or sometimes black guys. And as for non-Indian women... in their eyes, we Indian men are just perverted, unhygienic creeps. So yeah, I don't really stand much of a chance in the dating scene even if I tried.

      And then, there is the matter of my life and career. I am at a transitional point now, and trying to sort out my life and career. So I don't really have time to pursue women.

      But thanks for saying I am a good man, it made me happy! I wish you figure out what you want, soon e

  • I think many people would understand where you are coming from.

    However even those that enjoy solitude the most would succumb to lonliness. Think not about your life today but your future elderly self.

    The older we get the more important family becomes.

    You could be happy in a relationship if you make it clear from the start what you are and are not willing to compromise.

    • Loneliness? It's inevitable either way. It's part of being human.

      But no need to worry, someone will take care of these human flaws and limitations such as loneliness in time real soon, someone at Google, you just wait.

      When and if the "singularity" occurs and if we live to see it, when our technology and A. I.'s have evolved substantially then the possibility of being beyond mortal flesh, blood, and bone, such as merging the human consciousness and machines may just happen.

      Because by then, the loneliness and sufferings and various other weakness and vulnerabilities and unhappiness that we normally would have had to face won't even matter any more, and eventually become redundant.

      I think "family" would be redundant for those that are Pro-Tranhumanist, Pro-Technology, Pro-Evolution, even if it was an Artificial Evolution.

      And if it never worked and didn't work, well then can't say those that didn't tried, and we would all have died eventually either way.

  • You can always go to Sugarbabies. com and find you a "Sugar-daddy, " I suppose.

  • Yup, plus i don't think modern women are worth being in a relationships with. I mean i use them for sex and carry on with my life. Focus on your career and its easy to get short term women, its the best way forward in this world.

    I am single too and enjoy that i don't have to be committed to a girl. Honestly go get some chicks and fuck them and you will feel so much better. Sex is good man

    • This is not bashing modern women, I am not interesting in making sweeping generalisations about billions of women worldwide, nor do I or will I see to use women for sex, but I'm not getting into that discussion here. I echo your sentiments about focusing on a career though.

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