Do guys really care about age?

There's this guy who likes me, and I like him too. we went to high school together, but he recently dropped out. I'm a freshman, he's a junior. I know it sounds dumb. like, really dumb. but he NEVER talks about sex, we know its illegal and we just want to be together in general. he's 18. I'm 15. but he's really sweet, and I've never doubted him. we flirt all the time. he's never touched my ass or even tried. he's only hugged me and picked me up ( we were playing around ). To all you men out there...does age really matter to you that much? what should I do?


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  • if she is older, then no but anything more than a year younger I wouldn't date and even a year younger is a long shot for me. most people say age is just a number, but when everything is said and done, if you look like a cradle robber, then it could make you look lame because it seems as though you can't gett a girl your age, girls have a double standard as always and most people won't care if they date someone younger. if you care about hime. go for it because as long as you aren't having sex, then who cares. but its your call

    • Yea, I see where your coming from. We used to be like, best friends at the beginning of the year..but he ended up telling me he liked me and we just went from there. I want to go out with him, and he wants to go out with me, I'm just not sure how it will work out.

    • One of my best friends who is a girl is dating a senior as a freshman and they are going on 7 months I believe. if you kije him, then go for it!

  • it does wen the girl is under 18.18 and over is ok but wen I was 18 I wouldn of haD SEX WIT a 15 year old girl,it wouldn feel right.

    • Well, I know for a fact that in my state it's ilegal for anyone under 18 to have sex with anyone 18 or over. but like, we never talk about having sex. just hanging out and making out I guess. does that make a difference?

    • Well it all seems a bit weird to me.i suppose kissin nd what ever is fine but sex no. wuold he not talk to some 1 his own age no.

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