Is he still interested?

Have been seeing a guy for over a month, three great dates and on the third date we kissed. He told me at the end of the third date that he has some family issues that he needs to attend to and so he knows he will be quite distant during this week. I understood fully and he sent me a few snaps the day after that date, but it is now the fourth day and i am going crazy on the inside because i haven't heard from him. I am doing my own thing like seeing my friends and working but i haven't been able to stop thinking about him for more than a minute, and its making me feel silly and like an idiot. I understand that family matters can be intense but is the fact that he warned me a sign that i should wait? or is the fact i haven't heard from him in days a sign i should move on. After we kissed i noticed on his instagram any trace of his ex were deleted and he has apparently told his friends and sister about me. My gut is telling me that he is telling the truth about the family thing but i can't help feeling like he will disappear pretty soon.

I made the mistake and caved in tonight and sent him this text saying: 'hey, I know you said you'd be busy this week but I thought I'd just let you know im thinking of ya & hoping you're doing okay! Hear from you soon' .. I made it so it didn't need a reply and didn't sound too needy but now I regret sending it cos im not sure what reaction it will have, haven't had a reply yet, sent an hour ago


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  • Its called love, your body and mind just want to spend every single minute, second, with him, or at least, want to know how he is. Its quite frustrating.
    But I would let him handle the things he need to do. Trust is really important in a future relationship. Just wait for him untill the weekend and then send him a message, how he has been, if it worked out etc.

    • Yeah my gut is saying wait a few more days and then see how he's feeling and if he wants to hang out etc. I just feel like such a loser teenager sulking about the boy I have a crush on and even though I'm not being needy toward him, it's making me feel like crap more cos I can't focus on anything else

    • its like an addiction, make sure you dont have time to think about him (: and oh sleep, a lot, that helps, can't miss someone when you're asleep, also, if you are tired your feelings are more likely to go insane

    • Kinda difficult to sleep it off when you work long hours and you are able to look at your phone all the time and check. Sucks cos I just wanna send another text but don't want to drive him away if he is telling the truth. So stuck atm

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