Question about going on a date?

is asking a girl how her past relationships were like too strong on a first date? what are questions you SHOULDN'T ask?


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  • definitely. don't bring up past relationships


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  • I don't think that's the best question on the first date...wait until you both are comfortable enough with each other only because her past relationship could've been painful and she hasn't quite gotten over it or she might have some feelings roaming. Try lighter subjects like what character traits do you want a man to have? or What are some hings you would like to do on our next date? (if you're into her and she's into you let her know they'll be another date)

  • Yeah, I think that would kill the date right then and there. Ask her questions about herself, you know, what she likes do to in her spare time, what habits she dislikes, if she goes to college ask her about her major, if she's still in high school ask her about her dreams college wise. Just get to know her. It's a first date, it's suppose to be light and opportunity to get to know the person.


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