A few questions about my first ever date?

So I met a girl on Ocupied a few days ago, I'm mid 20 and she's 19.

Any suggestions what to do on the first date? As I said it's my first date ever so I have no clue.

How should I dress? I'm not the guy that likes to wear formal stuff, usually just a shirt and jeans.

Should I make bodycontact on the first date or later?

According to her profile she's a virgin and don't wan't sex on the first few dates, which is good cause I'm a virgin too and don't want it too early either, but I guess it's not a bad idea to take condoms with me (and try them, so I know how to put them on) just in case?

When it comes to sex I don't know if I should tell her, that I'm a virgin too. According to her profile she preferes less experienced guys but I'm not 19 or 20 anymore.

And if she still has it, is there any way to break her hymen without hurting her? I mean in theory I think I know how to please a girl, but I never thought I'd ever be someones first, so I don't have much knowledge about it.

Other suggestions?


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  • Bowling.
    Take condoms just in case.


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  • Sex could happen on the first date. She's a virgin and wants to lose it fast. (Weird she would have that on her profile, this to me screams that she's very open to sex)

    Wear something simple but not over the top, button shirt some dress pants. Break the touch barrier very early on. Find an excuse to touch her elbow, this is where you want to touch her first. If she touches you back let things flow naturally. Be calm, confident, listen what she has to say, and ask her questions. Focus on having a good time and you'll do fine my man.

    • She answered about any possible question ocupied offers, so I saw it in the sex section, don't know if it means she wanna loose it fast. She's not bad looking, so I guess she _could_ loose it whenever she wants.

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    • Yeah you're right. And I'd prefer to wait a little bit too. It was just a "what if" question.

    • Sure okay bro... its not just a what if question. She's 19 a virgin on a dating site. If you don't love fast someone else will. Do whatever you want m8

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  • You're both virgins. You're not fucking on your first date. You don't need the condoms yet.

    Take her to something you'd like to share with her, where there is lots of chance to talk.

    If you like her, try to break the touch barrier, touch her arm, etc. If you're walking try without pushing to hold hands, that kind of thing. If the date goes well, lean in for a kiss, she'll either duck it, meet it, or freeze, if she freezes, hover slowly past her mouth then whisper good night in her ear.

    • Good to hear, I think it'd be too much for me on my first date ever to have sex.

      Thank you for the tipps, they sound pretty helpfull

  • Slow down charlie. One day at a time. Just go to the movies and then maybe a cafe after. Keep it sweet and simple. And you can dress casual how you like it. As for the sex stuff, don't rush it