Do you consider this kind of guys attractive?

Hey girls

-Very Shy guy
-6-6.1 feet height (tall)
-Skinny weight 130-140 pounds
-big blue eyes and blonde hair or dark blonde hair or just a dark hair :P
-you can say he's attractive

-and he do a lot of eye contacts but no move

question: what if u went to beach and saw that guy and catch him looking at you but he's shirtless because he's on beach and he's skinny would that be a turn off for you? if he came to say hi.. will you reject him?

that guy is me honestly and had few crushes but im too shy and i dont know how to start talking with new girl and what to talk with her

when im around the girl i like i become nervous and worried to make the girl boring from me and say some weird things

umm answers and advices please? thanks :*

  • Yes he would be turn off! even if he's attractive
  • No Its not turn off!
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  • I say start getting used tograbbing a handful of nuts because you need to have some.

    • bieng tall and skinny with this Specifications are hot for you girls? or i misunderstand you?

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    • yeah thats why i never had a girl to love me yet
      I can do the move and talk to them but i dont know what to say after hi
      i dont want to be weird guy and put in a awkward situation and then girl will tell her friends about me and thing will be more awkward
      any advice?

    • Practice makes perfect. Just be patient with them and leave mystery

What Girls Said 1

  • Pics would help..
    But personally I like my man a little heavier.

    • i could send you picture but not in public :)

What Guys Said 1

  • no pic so who the hell knows.