Does he really want more than just a hookup?

Okay so I've been chatting to this guy for 2 months straight now. Meaning day in and out. In the beginning he was a total dick and I just said to him well I'm not interested.. Anyway as things went on he started opening up and saying but this thing might actually work if we give it time and we have tons of inside jokes ens. But I'm afraid he's just saying that to soften me up? Like it's really flattering and one feels like ahh okay so why not? Uhhh it's really emotionally tiring.


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  • How are you going to know unless you try?

    • The thing is , I don't want to be used. I don't want to be just another girl. I made that very clear to him as well. I'm just terrified of getting hurt and giving myself to someone who would only leave me empty? Does that make sence or do I sound crazy?

    • Little of both

  • Sleep with him, then charge him with sexual assault.


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