He keeps going back to a girl who is a bunny boiler?

My Friend has been casually seeing this girl for more than a year. I know she wanted a realtionship from the beginning while he has so much on that he just didn't have time. However all they seem to do is fight, not speak for weeks then go back to each other.

She he seems to be quite a bunny boiler and a little insecure but he keeps on going back even tho he says he just wants no drama. Beside all of that she does come across as a lovely person and she's very attractive so I understand some of it. At first I thought it was her always getting back in contact but I've noticed a few times him contacting her after months of not speaking.

the main reason I ask he is a bit of a commitment phobe so I thought the likes of this girl would chase him away forever. But I'm so curious how can some girls get away with it and others are blanked forever and branded crazy?


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  • I have never heard the term bunny boiler lol...

    Maybe the sex is good, or she presents some kind of challenge to him?


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  • Umm what''s your issue with it?