What should we talk about?

So my boyfriend and I went on a date thing you can say I guess well all we did is went to his house watched movies and went to his aunts house and we didn't really have anything to talk about...I need some help on topics or what to ask him please help


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  • Well there seems like there is something wrong here if he is your boyfriend and you guys are struggling to find things to talk about. But I would always recommend asking him questions about things he is really interested in. So since I am interested in football an example would be to ask me something like, "I don't quite understand how pass interference works. Could you explain it to me?" Guys love it when their girls take an interest in something they are passionate about or love. So whatever he likes, ask him a questions where he can teach you something new.


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  • I'm surprised you've got nothing to talk about!

    You should be able to talk to him about lots of stuff like:

    Fave toys when you were younger; fave foods (which you could make with him); fave movies; games you or him like playing; any skills you've learnt; sports; music; art; travel; places you've been to (and would like to visit); stories on the news; past experiences or friends you knew with interesting stories; jokes; sex; clothing; makeup...basically anything really. Also stuff about spirits and ghosts and beliefs about God...these could go on for hours lol


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  • Well sweetie he's your man...what are the things that he's intrested in? A big topic that I think couples need to discuss is sex...it's interesting and it can go on for hours but try and see what he likes and doesn't like then you'll have plenty to talk about...Or maybe you can talk about something controversial...you both can elaborate on your opinions and noone is wrong and if you agree then you found out something that you both have in common