How long is too long to peruse him?

I recently contacted my ex or you could say a guy dates on and off. I last spoke to him 1 yewr ago.
Four days ago i emailed him and messaged him on Facebook and then yesterday emailed him with my new number and just saying id like to be in touch again and sorry how everything went badly before.
I even sent some of my photos to remind him of why he was attracted to me.
When do i give up trying to contact him if there is no response?
His phone is off. I think he is overseas.
If i did manage to ring him, would that be a no go if he ignored my attempts to get a response via email or facebook?


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  • The giving up time should have started as soon as he was considered your "ex" don't set yourself up for heartbreak i believe there is better out there for you than to look vulnerable.