Ideas for picking up at the beach? not sure how to go about it?

I do a lot of swimming and so far this summer have seen a fair number of attractive younger women at the places I've been to. really not sure how to go about trying to pick them up or even meet them. there has been girls that I'd casually talk to or say hi when they were on the docks but never really sure where to try and take things and sometimes picked up they were nervous about being around me in such revealing bikini's some times. although other girls didn't seem to care and seen some that were willing to just lay on the docks in some of the most revealing positions I could of imagined.
I'm not sure if I'm not being aggressive enough or should try swimming with them or talking to them more in depth? or how to go about things at the beach


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  • Try the invasion method. Link:

    Watch how he does it. He's probably kissed like at least 100 random girls and I would not be surprised if they were willing to go out with him afterwards.

    • the invasion method? please explain some more I haven't heard of it

    • Watch the dude on the link. He will intrigue the girl with some cool little thing or trick and then go in for a kiss. For example, he may go up to a girl and say something like "Hey, excuse me, but I was just walking by and I thought you looked really beautiful... So I was wonderin... I was wondering if you would like to play a quick game for a quick kiss. Let's play rock paper scissors and if I win I get a kiss, you down? "

      Then if he loses he says "ya know what, forget the game, come here. " and it works. He gets kisses and probably numbers.

      It probably doesn't work 100%, but it will probably hel.. Good luck

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  • Eh, don't do that unless you look like this:

    • that's so macho and stereotypical of the beach , is a beach bar at this one larger beach I've been to and all the guys there are like that its horrible , I can barely stand the place. but I agree good looks might help out at the beach as they are seeing a lot of your body

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  • I'd stay well away, it's not worth being branded a pervert / creep and you could easily get arrested if one of them felt uncomfortable enough. These are different times... you got to learn and adapt to them.

    Think I'm being too cautious? think again... they have a new law that makes wolf whistling a hate crime and if you approach a girl on the street and she feels threatened, the new law makes it compulsory for the Police to investigate. That law has only been introduced in an area of the UK but it won't be long until it spreads.

    It's not worth it, take your ball and go home...

    • I do agree it is different times than in the past. I know other girls around here that I see and talk to at bars and pubs but I never can get them to go to the beach with me , so I tend to run into random girls I don't really know. you do run into some that appear a bit uncomfortable with being checked out but others seem to enjoy the attention. you just have to find the right girl that is looking for some male attention