My first date at the cinema?

In a few days I'll have a date with a sweet girl at the cinema? We agreed to that kind of date, because we both are quiet shy and nervous. To avoid the risk of awkward silence ant to relax we'll watch the movie together.

Later I plan to visit either a restaurant with her or just drink a coffee with her, good idea?

We are both pretty unexperienced, so do you have any tipps regarding hugging, arms arround her shoulders, touching, kissing and so on?


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  • I would just go with whatever feels natural... pay attention to her body language and whether or not she's into u... go from there :)

    • Yes, I definitly don't wanna do anything she don't like. Is touching her knee with mine a good idea to begin with?

    • thats a good way to break a touch barrier. smart!!! not too touchy, but enough to see if she wants more. haha

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  • horrible idea... ok go to a pub man.. tons of topics such as music bar games (darts, pool and such) to help break the ice.. you want a nice casual place that you can be goofy and not worry about other people.. The first date is to seal their interest in you and learn if your compatible so you need to be relaxed

    • Now I'm a bit worried, is it really such a bad idea?
      It was our idea, we talked about how nervous we are and that it would be the best to relax. We are talking pretty open about our fears and feelings, and we aren't experienced daters (She's a virgin, so am I).

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    • Would it be a good idea to meet with her at the trainstation and walk a little with her to the cinema?
      I don't really wanna cancel the cinema, it would look stupid, wouldn't it?

    • I understand and ya thats not a bad idea

  • Oh my god, found the virgin.

    • What's yoir problem dude?