Seriously.. If I could have someone tell me what I should do that would be great. I have a crush on a guy who doesn't seem to have the time?

I had a crush on this guy for ages (only through stalking his Facebook- not person). He's 26, in a band, and they travel often. We matched on tinder so I talked to him & he said he would like to continue talking somewhere else when I asked. His home is near my home, like a half hour distance. I found him & added him on fb. This was 2 Monday's ago. I asked him if he'd like to go out (I'm pretty confident, I know I'm an attractive cool chick), and said definitely. He told me when he wasn't working, but then the day came and went and he gave me an excuse as to why he couldn't. I messaged back id still like to meet him, whenever he is less busy because he had told me he had been super busy. He never "read" my message but I'm sure he has seen it. It's been 3 days. I've seen him online comment to one Of his friends that he is getting ready to travel for his band again this fall. So he will be gone soon.

I feel very discouraged... Like I was really looking forward to trying to know him since I've had a crush on him for years ! Buut he obviously is busy with work and his band.. I feel like it'll never happen. He doesn't have women all over him or anything, I don't sense any competition. His Facebook is empty of female interactions. He seems interested but just not really.. What do i do?


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  • I understand how that feels, I once had a big crush on a girl and then when I tried to get to know her better by asking her what she likes to do and stuff, she kept it at simple answers like yes and no and cool. That sucked. Then when I tried to text I never was replied to. I don't think this guy wants to get to know you, I'm very sorry to say but it seems from what you say that he likes somebody else.

  • then you need to ask yourself if you're willing to put in the time to chase him or not

    • Time yes but I feel like if he was interested I shouldn't have to chase him

    • then why do you want to put the time in to him

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  • People who are busy make time for those who are priority in their lives No matter how busy someone is they'll make an effort , not an excuse to meet up with you or contact you.

    He is aware that you want to meet up , so its now up to him to take you up in that offer. If he doesn't , then I wouldn't waste my time on a guy who won't make time for you.

    • I agree... I am done taking initiative. Is it useless to meet if he's going away in a month?

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    • Well it's just we don't know each other at all. The only reason I'm digging him more is because I have stalked his Facebook a few times the last couple of years.. He has never seen or thought about me until we matched on tinder. Like he has nothing to be interested in because we haven't done anything or gotten to know each other at all.

    • Then all you can do is make yourself know to him

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