GUYS - Why hasn't he called?

I met him at a club through a friend, he asked me for my number, and he and his friend came home with my friend and I, and stayed the night. We didn't do anything past kiss, but kept telling me how he thinks I'm really attractive and definitely wants to take me out on dates, and really likes me. This is where it gets tricky - his friend calls my friend to set up a date the next day, tells my friend my guy is really shy but he's gonna call me, but then he never does. They show up at our place, then we go on a super awkward double date, they both go home, and I text him back apologizing for the awkward date. He texts me for the first time saying he agreed, and we should go on a single date soon, then ended the conversation by saying he was going to bed. Haven't heard from him in 4 days. Should I even bother waiting?


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  • Maybe you should let him know that you are really interested in him. So, what are you waiting for? text him again and ask him out.

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