NEED ADVICE - what is he thinking?

Hi Guys,
I need some advice on what think this guy is actually thinking...

I met this guy in September last year, and I automatically fell for him, and we had insane chemistry.
We basically texted everyday and night, and ended up having sex quite a lot. He would follow me around in clubs and couldn't take his eyes off of me. We wouldn't just have sex, we would talk about each others lives, and he introduced me to all of his friends. The issue was that we never put a title on it.
The last time I met up with him, I slept at his, but he didn't want sex, he just wanted to cuddle which was nice (even though we ended up having sex anyway lol).
Long story short - we suddenly stopped talking/seeing other in November - and we haven't spoken since.
I thought he had just played me, so I moved on and started dating another guy.
However within the past months, I have been told that he still speaks about me to his friends and lets everyone know that we have hooked up.

I seen him yesterday, just in passing, and I looked at him expecting to just smile and say 'hey', but instead he just have me a death stare and didn't say 'hey' or anything?
Kind of shocked me because I didn't think there was any bad feelings?



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  • Sounds like he is a fuck boy. Wish I didn't have to say do but what else would this frikin dude be doing... taken a break from you? Like I said, sounds like he just wanted SEX and he is not even saying hi when you pass showing that he is trying to pretend he doesn't know you. Move on like you already did and find someone that will like you not just for sex but for your personality and characteristics. Best of luck!


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  • You left him.

  • He moved on to the next girl and doesn't want anything to do with you.

  • U two should define ur relationship


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