I'm very short. Should I give up un women?

I'm like 5'5'' (1.65m in my place) and 21. There is obviously no way for me to approach a woman or event be friends with her. I actually can't be friends with guys either because they beat me up, unless they are illegal immigrants. I am handsome and in good shape but people keep telling me im not man and should commit suicide (that's also because i don't drink and abstain from other supposedly manly stuff, but i don't think it would help if i started). Should i stop trying and maybe have myself castrated to feel better about it?


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  • No, you shouldn't.

    I don't think you can do anything to increase your height. What you can do is improve your sense of security and your self confidence so that you're comfortable with how you look.

    The issue is that the word kid is definitely an emotional soft spot for you. And that's understandable.

    However those words hurt you because you have a soft spot there. You have to make an attempt to render the words powerless. And that will happen when you're confident. You can get confident by improving other aspects of you.

    Do you have a skill? Can you write? Do you play an instrument? Are you a smooth talker?

    If you search within you, you'll find something that makes you happy. When you delve into that, that will give you the self comfort and the innate happiness to get you to be comfortable with yourself.

    And guess what? It's weird. But when you're comfortable with your body, the world follows.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

    • It's not words that hurt me. It's facts. If you had your bones broken too you'understand. No, i don't have any skills but i play the piano. I am a smooth talker, i guess, bit i have nobody to talk to since middle school

    • Thanks forma the opinion though

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  • The best route is to get rich and play women. I'm not the most attractive guy, but i realize women like confidence and security in a person. So i act confidently which is easier to do when you don't like the girl. I worked hard and have a good income and career and once girls catch a whiff of my status, they act like they love me... i have sex and move on. simple

    • What's your job? No-one wants to hire me because of my height and i can't afford college.

    • you have o find a way to make money, other than that and women won't come

    • May i know what you job is?

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  • I'm 5'1 and I would date you if I found you hot. I messed with a guy who was the same height as me. he was Asian and we were sexting lol.

  • I love short guys a lot of girls do have more confidence


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  • Time to lay down and rot OP. Tour is over. Sry boyo.

  • Just cause you don't drink or don't do other manly stuff means nothing. It's your choice. Drinking is only good for killing your insides anyway. I've got some short friends who've done well in the girlfriend department. You just gotta keep trying and if your body is good physically then that helps a lot. No way you should castrate!