I have too many girls interested in me, how do I choose which one to date?

Not a lot of guys have this issue, so I dont get a lot of advice on the matter. I'm looking for a long term relationship, but I have so many girls that like me (I think its because I'm both friendly, and attractive). I have this other thing that I am fluent in Spanish since I lived in Spain for a while for my dad's work, so all the foreign girls at my college (mostly from Latin America) love me. I just dont know what to do, I was asked out 8 times during this past school year, and just recently I had a girl that really liked me and texted me almost every day. I knew she liked me but I didn't ask her out which I think made her really upset.

I really feel bad not asking all these girls out, or turning them down but I dont know what to do. Of the past 5 girls I can think of that liked me most of them have really outstanding personalities (except one, she was crazy in every sense of the word), so its just so hard to pick based off of that. 2 of them were wanting to be housewives (Which I find really attractive), 1 of them I could literally talk to for hours and not get bored, 1 of them was so hot it made me sick to look at her for too long (but she was the crazy one), and another was one of the best cooks I've ever met in my life (and she invited me over her place a lot and made me delicious food). I can't just pick between girls with all those great qualities, thats like asking me to pick my favorite generation 1 pokemon starter, its impossible.

What should I do? Should I make my requirements more strict? I feel bad picking between great girls though, I dont want to hurt any of them but I just can't help it. If I have 4 girls that are all really great how do I pick which one to date? I dont want to revert to looks but I think I might have to because its just so hard to pick between girls that are all really nice.


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  • well first of all you're cocky and once girls realize that they will run as far away as possible. Just go on dates and see who you connect with.

    • No I'm not. I'm a nice guy that doesn't want to break a bunch of girls hearts, there is a difference between me and the cocky jerks. Either way girls still like me so if I was cocky (which I'm not) that doesn't seem to affect them liking me.

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  • You got to go on those dates, say yes and get to know them one by one. You'd be surprised sometimes how some turn out to be. Dating isn't anything official, it's just trying to look for that one. There's nothing wrong with that