Will I heal after being rejected by my love?

I developed strong feelings for a co-worker... she rejected me and I just feel very hurt and rejected... It's been a year and I still feel like this (Perhaps it's because I see her everyday?)...

I have asked many girls out, been on dates... So I have been rejected before, by random girls, crushes, etc. I never really cared, they find me unattractive, not ready to date, not into me, or reasons unknown...

What ever the reason, I understood that it wasn't right and moved on...

But this one girl... I really felt something for her, and it just kills me that she didn't want me... ( I have no idea why either)

It has brought down my confidence and self esteem... I don't feel like dating or talking to any girls... I feel down, like there is something wrong me... She is awesome... I feel pathetic for even thinking I could have been with her... Feel pathetic for even trying... Feel ugly, unwanted, all the feelings the come with rejection... I really took this one personally... I am not sure why, maybe because I actually loved her?

I just can't seem to move on... I kind of gave up on love now... I need to resolve this issue and move on but I just can't seem to do that... I feel like actually asking her to find out why she doesn't want to date...( I know I really shouldn't)...

What should I do?


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  • Of course, there's plenty other people left ^^

    • And I know that... but the one girl in this world I love... She doesn't want me...

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    • Lol.. You are funny!

      I guess, but how do I not let her effect the future girls I look at?

      I feel like I have to date someone better than her...

    • "She didn't like me so whatever"

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  • You'll be fine. Don't have to do shit.

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