Should I worry about this other woman stealing this guy away from me? She is gorgeous :0 ?

I've been talking to this guy for months now, and we are friends but I like him a lot. I recently noticed he became friends with this gorgeous girl on Facebook, and she likes his posts. She's seriously a 10/10, and she seems intelligent and cool too :( ugh (based on what I saw on her Facebook). I'm kinda upset... Because I'm not attractive really and I don't know I just like him a lot. She seems way out of his league if I may be honest. We met because he is in a small band in town, and he lives rather poorly and on the road but he's smart and funny. He isn't gorgeous and he's pretty thin. He doesn't keep up with himself.. Like he doesn't shower often, his hair has grown out, and just does NOT seem like this girl's type because she seems kinda classy, maybe superficial I don't know. Should I even worry? I like him because he's got that unkept rocker vibe and I thought he'd like me bc I have that vibe too.


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  • No girl can "steal" another man. She can only tempt him. It's going to be him who decides to yield to temptation or not.

    It's down to him.

    Is he the sort who would cheat given the opportunity? Or are you always going to assume that any man will cheat given the chance?

    • We aren't together. We are just friends right now.

    • Then him being with her has nothing to do with you, does it?

      He's a free agent.

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  • Better have him out a baby in you. That way he is stuck with you... it could work... but wouldn't recommend it

  • Pics?

    • I would not feel kind in doing that.

    • I hope you can picture them through my descriptions. She has like an exotic pretty look to her

    • Nope. But i respect that.

  • maybe she likes that type too

    • Do you really think that?

    • ya never know, ya just never know.. only time will tell

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