Not sure what she may want?

A few weeks ago this girl messaged me on Facebook. We went to the same college and never met while we were in school. We started talking, I got her number and we are still talkingish. She just got a new job and moved to my area. Should would text me more when she didn't live in the area. We met up for drinks about a week ago, she got lost on the way to the bar and was a little late. She called and asked if I wanted to meet at her place or at the bar. I said bar, as we left we hugged and she told me to text her when I got home. I went on vacation last week and now I'm back in town.
We texted some what while I was away. I texted yesterday and asked her what made her message me on Facebook. She said that she was with Kirsten (a mutual friend) and I came up on her Facebook and she said she had never seen him before and wouldn't know who i was, Kirsten told her who I was and that she should message me.
Prior to her messaging me she was liking all of my Instagram pictures that I would post. To me it seems like she is interested in me. If she wasn't interested then she wouldn't of messaged me or grab a drink with me the other week or invite me to her house for a drink. Should I continue talking to her and see if she wants to hang out or go to dinner? Thoughts?


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  • Yeah continue talking to her, just to see whats her angle is

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