IsIs this a real date or is he messing around with me?

so I met this guy. We hung out. He was a gentlemen. Very nice and charming. Held my purse for me, paid for my dinner. We went bowling and his bet was if he won, he will take me on a date. He won... So yeah there's a date needed. I offered to take him out to eat next time and pay. Then I jokingly said I still need that date you promised. He said well then it's a date on Sunday. (We plan to eat that day)

mom nkt sure if he's joking. I don't know if he's serious? Because he didn't initiate it, I did. I don't want to look stupid and have it one sided. Should I just act stupid and think oh he's just kidding- I didn't think you were serious kind of thing? I've never been on a true date before.

  • It's a date
  • It's just a hangout
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  • A Date and with a Potential... Mate.
    Just Contact him to Confirm the time, if he has not already done this.
    He likes you, I can Well Tell. He has already Proved himself in the sweet Pudding right from the Start from his own Heart.
    Good luck. xx

  • Actually, he initiated it because he was the one who made the idea of going on a date with you so.. It's a date :)

  • He was a true gent, and didn't treat you as a guy would treat a girl he wants to be friends with, he treated you how a guy treats his girl or a girl he wants to pursue.
    He then made something up for another date.
    If he is uninterested, it will be very shocking. I think it's safe to say he is, and if he isn't, he's very strange.

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