Girls is this wrong if a guy bought your shoes? (Read)?

I have posted about him before, I have a friend who is into feet, he's a decent guy though and he's been through hell the past couple years, anyway there's a silent auction benefit for a girls operation and one of the girls friends put up boots, he really liked the friend and currently his bid is winning, now he um, pleaded himself with shoes, judge however you want but that's probably a plan here too and I get conflicted, he is paying good money to support a good cause so he's not stealing or anything, I mean it's just I don't know. Anyway do you think it's morally wrong?

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Pleases himself into the shoes I mean.,, it's just I don't know


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  • She put them up for sale, so he bought them. It's not like it's a pet or a plant or something living, it's an object, so once she sold it, it's not hers anymore to judge what he does with it. If I bought a second hand car and decided to go Blank-Space-Taylor-Swift on it and bust the headlights with a golf club, then nobody can reprimand me for that, especially not the former owner, unless I go on the road with it, which is dangeorus an illegal. So as long as he does this in a private place, there's nothing restricting it, and even though the girl might feel a bit uncomfortable, there's nothing she can do about it but be cautious around this guy just in case he wants to make a move on her because she sold her belonging. I personally don't like what he's doing, but I can't judge because it's his personal life.

    • He's had a very long rough stretch and its pushed him too far in things, not this alone but just he has really gone through hell, he's a damn good guy and he treats girls great and he really wants something legit but every girl attractive enough for his standards always shoots him down. He isn't lowering his standards on looks and I don't blame him they are important whether people want to admit that or not and its the same for me. He's just lonely.

  • I don't see how he's hurting anyone here.

  • i dont c anything wrong with it. it just is what it is.


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