Does he like me or is he just being nice?

I went out with some of my friends and we got pretty hammered. I have a tendency to text the guy I really like each time I get pretty lit. Well instead of calling an uber or lyft I ended up calling him and he just got out of class at 10P and it was midnight and he had work at 6A. He was in Dana Point and we were in Laguna Beach he drove to pick us up and drop each of us off and carried my friend to her house.

Was he just being nice picking us up or does he like me to an extent? I mean who would pick up three girls and drop them off? I don't know that many guys who would... or anyone in general who would do that for me.


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  • Did he drop you off last?

    Sounds like he cares about not having you drunk girls get in trouble. I'd do it, I have before, as long as it wasn't a regular thing of bailing drunk people out.

    Also, had to carry your friend... lolol...

    • Yeah, he dropped me off last. And he legit carried her to her place... she couldn't walk anymore... it was quite the shit show... hah

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    • Probably a good handful, because I don't remember anything from that night...

    • Haha so you hand your hands full, of him... good.

  • Why are you asking us instead of him? If you think there is a chance he likes you then first apologize for the inconvenience and then suggest you can compensate by asking him out on a date.

  • Kindness


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