He added a girl he used to talk to on Facebook? Should I feel sketched out?

I've been talking to this guy for almost nine months, we've been "official" for maybe a month. I'm the first girl he's been official with in five years. We were talking about infidelity with althletes because the espy awards were going on and he told me a story about a girl he used to talk to last year before we did, and how she was this gorgeous girl who's a journalist for some college and big league sports teams. He said he felt insecure and thought she could date any athlete she wanted to and he felt inadequate, so he stopped talking to her. He also was saying he can't date someone that's above his "level", as in he feels if he dates someone he has to be on the same level accomplishment wise or else he feels he won't be able to keep the girl. Which made me feel like crap because he kept going on about this girl and I'm still in school.

Well, the next day I saw he added this girl on Facebook. There's no way he didn't message her, and I highly doubt she added him since they haven't talked in a year. Am I being crazy or is that a red flag? Please help, I don't want to get myself in too deep.


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  • I mean I wouldn't be happy and would feel skeptical like why reach out now when you have a girlfriend.