The oddest or dumbest ad you have seen?

I just noticed an ad on GirlsAskGuys for girls 'bed wetting diapers' and thought to myself, does that not defeat the purpose of the diaper, if indeed it does wet the bed? So it brought to mind the question of what others may have noticed in regards to the ads online. Could be dumb, thank you captain obvious types, odd/inappropriate placement, or funny. Anything really that stuck out to you.

Just to make this clear, I realize I may have given the impression I meant ads here on the site, since that is where I saw this particular ad. However, what I'm asking for is any ad basically, no matter where you have seen it.


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  • Hahaha, well as I am looking at this question, I am seeing a rather interesting ad. Its for a "bathroom sprayer" a device that looks like that hose thing hooked up to your kitchen sink to help you rinse dishes.

    Its tag line is "A Sprayed Behind is a Clean Behind."

    hahaha looks like toilet paper can go by the way-side! Just squirt your a$$ with toilet water and be done with it!

    • Cheapos, why not just install the bidet? lol. Nice, that one made me laugh.

    • Best answer for making me chuckle. Although don't get too big a head, I'm easily amused=P

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  • I find the 'adult friend finder' really disturbing and not appealing. Another type of ad I can't stand is the 'date Thai girls, or date Russian girls etc etc.' those are dumb too.

    • I haven't actually seen the adult friend finder one that I remember o.O Apparently it's there alot. Just speaks to my powers of observation, eh? I imagine it's probably a bit more risque than what I had in mind at first ha. Thanks Ms Reeses!=D

  • I've always thought the "adult friend finder" ad was pretty dumb. Lols! I see that ad almost every time I click a question, and for some reason, I can't help but roll my eyes every time I see it.

    • The name itself is rather odd. What adult needs help finding their own friends o.O One who isn't likely to find them on that site=P

    • If I found one of my friends on adult friend finder, not only would it be hilarious but I would make fun of them for the rest of their lives. FYI adult friend finder is a site to find a Fuck Buddy or a one night stand.

    • Ah, makes sense Tex. I'm just rather naive when it comes to these types of things lmao. I guess its my way of pretending I still have the innocence I lost a long time ago, ha.

  • Spam

  • I hate the ones with the mail order brides. Like find a Chinese wife


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  • Remember the Heartland Ads? Those things caused a lot of grief. You couldn't escape them if you tried-

    • Well if I couldn't escape them at the time, at least they have escaped my memory for the time being. I'm almost afraid to ask for a refresher as to what you're referring to? lol

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    • I just had it happen again, this time with a 'sony make believe' ad at the bottom of the page. It took up the whole screen. I imagine as irritating as it can be, some people I know would go as far as to boycott the products these ads are promoting. Ha counter productive.

    • Let's boycott away! Those ads are bad for our health-in an annoying way, of course!