Do I deserve another chance? If so what should I do?

So I've known this girl for a while now and I when I started to text her at first we were really flirty and got along great.. I was good friends with a friend of hers and told her about this to which she immediately told me not to go for her saying I was a player or saying she's a bitch, she told this girl i was a player and the girl started to believe her which kind of turned me off, I did still text her and met her for the first time on a night out, I was drunk and another friend of her started to flirt with me and I got with her after the original girl wanting to talk a lot ( I was drunk and just wanted a fun night) I did invite her to my kinda prom thing and the next night I saw her we got with each other, she told me she wanted me as her boyfriend but I just ignored the texts, I ended it with her about 6 months back but on Thursday I had my prom with her and this being the first time I properly talked to her in person I realized how special she is. The thing is she has just started to date a guy, a guy that she always got with and who always used to ask her out but she said no when me and her were a thing. I don't know if they really suit each other but I really want to tell her how I feel but I just don't think it will work, what should I do?


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  • you do not deserve anything chance

    • Thanks for your opinion..

  • It's MUCH BETTER to be single, than with a modern woman... fuck her

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