Confused with a Guy Behavior, Need advice?


I met this guy through Facebook. He sent me the friend request. Since two months, we are talking. Initially he was talking regular and nicely. He flirts a lot. But for the past three weeks, communication is not that much. We hardly talk. But whenever we talk, he will talk nicely with all his charm and keeps flirting. I have told him couple of times that If we cannot be friends then let’s cut this communication. He said that he is busy due to work though I see him online on social media lots of times. I told him today also the same thing. And he said he also does not see many efforts from my side. I asked him to call me and explain. He has not called yet. I do not know what to think about all this.

We were supposed to meet in August first week. I am not sure whether that will also going to happen or not. Please guide


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  • Probably just hits you up to mess with you cause he wants to fuck... He wouldn't be lying and taking forever to reply or whatever if he was really into you. Some guys just talk to girls to "practice" their game so when they see the girl they are actually into they will be ready... MOVE ON fuck that nigga move on to the next like jay-z said on to the next one...

  • I dont think he sees you in a romantic way


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