What're 18-22 years old girls exactly looking for on the online dating sites?

Most of the tinder and POF girls I've talked to. They just wanna have one night stands, phone sex, ask for pictures... etc.. and the ones that don't do this, they just talk and leave... no dates. I mean I get their numbers, but that's about it.
So I'm not talking about all of them, just the ones I've talked to in general. I get this feeling that 18-22 year Olds dont want to start a relationship based off online dating.

I don't want to offend anyone, It's just the experience I've had. I feel it's more effective to approach a random stranger than to try online dating lol.

Is it true that most girls are just there for fun? Girls What're your opinions on online dating, and what is the weirdest message you've ever received? xD


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  • Why don't you filter your search results to look for girls who are looking for a relationship?
    When I was that age I was pretty open. I wanted to date guys but I also wasn't too picky about where things went or how serious the relationship got.


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  • Yeah, most girls in those sites just want sex, even when they say they're not there for sex.
    I'd say if you want girls that are looking for relationships, you'll find them in sites where you have to pay, cause you gotta be pretty stupid to pay for a dating site if you just want sex.


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  • I'm 22 with dating site accounts. And I'm just looking to speed up the chances of finding people who are more like me. But I'm hardly ever on them. Because I'm more-likely too busy doing other things outside of the internet.


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  • i think many women use online dating apps as a confidence boost but are not actively looking for a relationship. of course some are but i think they are in the minority. but i could be wrong too.

    • True. One girl told that she and her friends just use this for fun and that she would never "date" (lol this is how she put it) anyone off of here

  • If it's tinder then sex.