Alright you guys... What do I do? I think I met my dream man... But I'm worried it'll never work out.. ?

I asked q's on here before but this is different. Basically, I've had a crush on a guy I've seen only online, for a few years now. I stumbled upon his Facebook and was like woah! If he was single, he'd be my dream man.

A couple years passed and we matched on tinder. He's 26, I'm 22. I friended him in Facebook. We are currently messaging each other. This guy does not have women all over him, I really don't think he gets much action based on what I observe in Facebook. I could be wrong, but my gut tells me he is like me... We are both introverted and into our own passions. His happens to be music.. He told me is what his life is dedicated to. He is in a band, and they are VERY busy and dedicated to their music. I asked him out myself and he agreed he would really like to but it has not happened yet and he has told me he has been extremely busy. I believe him.. I came across his band's schedule for August and literally every 2-3 days they are performing.. And one weekend out of state. Then come October they are going on tour for a few weeks. They just finished recording their album today so that has taken a lot of his time recently. I have not brought up going out again... I'm hoping he will ask me when he is available. I'm just sad bc through talking to him... I really think we would hit it off amazingly and I never say that with guys. I think our insides are the same. It's a gut feeling. I want to get to know him the most I've ever wanted to get to know anyone. But he seems so busy and occupied... I don't think it'll ever happen. What should I do? I want to at least meet him in person soon.. But is it worth it if he'll be so busy? I also start school again come fall. Is is stupid to meet if soon we both will be very busy? Or could it work?


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  • This was so cute to read =) it will work if it is meant to. It sounds like you need to get him chasing you a little.

    • I do... I'm afraid he won't though so I keep trying... But I do need to...
      & thank you :b

    • Make yourself desirable t o him rather Han an option.
      So hard when you crushing on someone though!
      Sorry for spelling mistakes. Autocorrects then won't let me edit back grr.

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