Guys, Did he even want to meet me?

He wrote me Friday night how am i andif i have plans on weekend. I said i dont have plans. He asked me out, i agreed and next morning he asked when i am free. I said today or tomorrow.
He said lets meet around 7. I agreed. And then i accidently missed his messege, he wrote me about where exactly to meet, but i didn't see and i thought he forgot and so i felt asleep and when i woke up, its been already 22.00.
He wrote me 2 times. At 7 he wrote me "or maybe at 21?"
I answered, that i just read it and i can come now if not too late.
He replied in hour, answered that he still outside at dinner and he can meet later, but he think it will be too late.
I said, yes too late.
He didn't answer.

What do u think of situation?


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  • Maybe he is offended because you said yes too late. But don't lose hope, perhaps he will change his mind, I think he still might be interested in you.

    • I remember, that my ex reacted good on my late answers... Will react like that if u really like girl? Or u would react like that if she is just an option 4 u, and not so interested...

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    • and in what case u can react like him?

    • I don't know, I've never been in such situation.

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