When you're not crushing on anyone?

I was in an unhappy relationship for six years, when we split I developed a crush on someone and we started dating. We no longer date and I miss crushing on someone.

That feeling of wondering if they're thinking about you when you're not together, every time your phone buzzes hoping it will be them, the excitement, the nerves, the butterflies and the sparks.

I've only felt this way a couple of times and it feels like these feelings are less common as you get older. Will I feel them again? Are these feelings important?


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  • It's definitely a rush, when you're crushing on someone.

    The last time I felt it full on was two years ago (I was 26). It got me bad. She rejected me though and the awkwardness lingers.

    • It is a rush and it's bloody addictive.

      He rejected me too after 5 months, I know realistically we weren't right for each other but we had such intense chemistry along with excitement and drama, not to mention how excellent we were in bed together.

      I have come to the conclusion though that it isn't him I miss, it's those feelings and the addictive rush. I just want it again but feel like it's never going to happen.

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    • I don't watch game of thrones but I just googled her, she looks like an angel!

      My thoughts on one way crushing are that it is fun when you don't know them in real life I. e. Celebrity but not so fun in real life when you know you have no phucking chance =( but it's ok if it's real life and you don't know them and you won't get a chance to ever find out, every day me and this guy cross paths on the way to work, we will never have the opportunity to speak and I'm ok with that.

      I'm rambling. Sorry.

    • Ramble away! isn't that what we're here for?

      What make you say that you won't have the opportunity? Is it because of the time of day and you're both trying to get to work? Is it because there's no common ground for starter topic? Is it the cold approach?

      Speaking of cold approaches, what experience have you had with that? Being approached, initiating it, positive, negative?

      I ask because I'm curious about these things myself and I appreciate this honest conversation we're having.

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  • The only feelings I get when I'm crushing on someone is well... Crushing... Like fecking pain.

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