Why do most women expect a man to pay for dates?

It's the 21st century. I'm glad there are women who split the bill although they are a minority. I saw a post a few minutes ago "A man always has to pay for a date, it's only right" That is some sexist bullshit. I always thought it should be split or you take turns in paying for each other.


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  • Split it then, or grow balls and penis and be a man... its 21 century!!

    • Lol I'm so insulted.

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    • Lol I am a real man, your not a real woman

    • No need to wish me good luck, as i already found my man and he is my husband, he is not 50+, he is 36 and he is real man

  • As a cashier at a restaurant, I often see couples play fighting and trying to swipe their credit card to try and pay for the dinner. Yes, females try and do pay for the meals. The restaurant I work at is expensive too.

    • Uhhh i always see the polls on this website and it always shows most women wanting the man to pay. It's nice to hear that that happens though at the restaurant you work at, what restaurant is it?

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  • Social engineering at its finest. Girls like girlinthemirror are the product of it.