Does he chat with me out of pity?

So I met this guy 2 months ago, we chatted literally everyday, he showed a lot of interest and cared a lot about me.

I'm kind of a introverted girl, even if I don't seem so. Normally, strange people find it awkward to talk with me, because I'm really quiet and when I do talk, I sometimes stutter, because im nervous and afraid of saying something stupid.
But when I chat, Im actually not that clumsy. People like to chat with me.

We chatted a lot and we had a few dates too... the dates were sometimes really awkward, but he still seemed to like me. Then he had trouble with school and we stopped chatting like we normally did... after all the stress he had was gone, we continued to chat (almost) like before (it wasn't that intense)...

At this time, he also started a job in a place that was further away, so hed come home really late, really tired.
We had one other date (he asked me out), when he had one day off (normally he works 7 days a week), where i was really not in the best mood... we didn't talk much and after a hour he told me that he had to hurry and leave, he got still a lot of things to do.

After that, the situation was really disturbing. One day he asked me to meet, few minutes later he changed his mind, telling me he was too tired to come to my town..
Then he asked me for a date on another day, but forgot about it and never really brang it up again... then he had another day off, but didn't message me all day long.

(Part 2 in the comments)

I saw him randomly at the end of this other day, pretended not to see him, then he went up to me and talked to me, i was really shocked about it, because i was about to give up on him.. i stuttered a bit, he said something and gave me a smile.. I continued to talk and he just turned to another person and started chatting with them..

After that, we chatted really rarely... then I asked him if he lost interest in me and he told me he
"hasnt the time to think about such things, he has no plan for the next few months (where he has to work 7 days a week), but he is still happy everytime he chats with me or when he randomly gets to see me"...

But now when we chat, it feels like he forces himself to talk with me... we have more or less only shallow small talks, it seems that he forgets that im here (he didn't message me for days, then i posted something on fb, he saw it and messaged me... again, just a bit small talk


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  • I think his busy schedule has a lot to do with it. Before he started working he had a lot of free time to talk to and see you. Not to use working as an excuse but that is part of it and also he seems very tired and drained.


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  • He is interested in some way, however I don't think you should bother waiting for him.