My cousin set me up on a date with her friend who, according to all her FB photos, is a total babe! I'm nervous as hell! HELP?

Fellas, have you ever been on a date that was set up before? What was your experience like? where'd you take her? Were you nervous?

Ladies, what could I say or do on our date to let this girl know straight-away that I'm not a creep/loser? How can I eliminate awkwardness that may occur? How can I be the cool, charming guy that she daydreams about?

Thanks a lot people! My date is on Friday so I have a few days to get prepared. Like I said she's beautiful and I'd rather not fuck up my chance of seeing her in the future!

P. S. I'll let y'all know how it all went down on the following Monday, whether I claimed Victory or defeat...


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  • Take her to a coffee-place and just engage into a conversation.


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  • I've never been on a 'set up' date before, but I have been on dates where I barely know the person... So I know it can be daunting.

    Maybe you could message her on fb and ask where she'd like to go, or ask whether there's a particular film she wants to see? (The only problem with cinema dates is that you can't talk.) Maybe ask her for dinner? It means you can spend all evening together (if it goes well!) and get to know each other over dinner. It's not very original, but it's hard to fail.

    Don't compliment her appearance at the start of the evening - that could come off as creepy. If it goes well, maybe say, 'you look really pretty tonight' towards the end of the evening. Other than that... All you can do is be yourself! There isn't anything inherent about you that makes you a loser!

    Please answer mine?


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  • Were u ever on a date before? Lol
    by the way those are a lot of questions u can't learn all that in an instant. If you don't posses all those characteristics then u need practice before u get perfect.
    Still the best is not to freak out because of her looks. Just treat her the same like any other girl. Be nice and not a jerk. Make a list of things u like about girls and try to find out in the conversation if she has those things. Put the focus more on her and not on yourself and try to connect. Don't behave nervous and keep eye contact when u want her attention

    • I've been on numerous dates bro, but this is different because I've never seen this girl before in my life! That fact is the one thing I feel nervous about.

    • Okay then good look. I don't think that it is a problem. Maybe u can make a fun comment about it

  • lucky you man. i dont think you can claim victory or defeat in one date man. just play it cool and test the waters a bit, no need to make a move or something risky.