Should you get back together with your ex?

My ex girlfriend wants to get back together with me. I saw her for the first time last month in 2 years. Me and her dated a few years ago but she was engaged to someone else. They were married for 3 years. He devoted her they have a daughter together she's gonna be 4 this year. She had a crush on another guy she's been hanging out with all summer but when she finally got to the time to tell him he decided he was gay. She was really upset about it. She said it hasn't been a good summer for her so far. She's still crying over him she's tried so hard not to think about him but she has him on Facebook so it's kind of hard for her not to think of him she also said he was so adorable too. She's gonna see him again next month she doesn't know what she's gonna do if she should ignore him or talk to him. They never were together they were just friends. Her daughter really liked him too. Even though they weren't together her daughter called him daddy because he looked a little like her dad. They thought it was cute. Since he was gay she couldn't be with him. She said she wants to get back together with me. I told her I don't mind it but it's been about 4 or 5 years since we last together. She's really depressed right now she said she really needs me. Should I get back together with her?


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  • It's completely up to you, if she's someone you want to spend your life with, then get back together with her. But she does have a daughter. The question is, do YOU want to get back with her? Do you want to be with her? You'll have a lot of pieces to put back.


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  • Your user name is quite apropos.

    She was dating you while she was engaged to another guy.
    She gets married but hangs out with another guy on whom she had a crush.
    Her husband is homosexual and she is devastated (even though she was hanging out with some other guy.)
    "She said she wants to get back together with me. I told her I don't mind." She should be flattered beyond belief that you don't mind.

    This girl does not know how to be monogamous. . . if that matters. Reunions are almost always a mistake, but if you want more drama, go for it!