How can I tell if this girl I'm dating is playing hard to get?

We met online and have been on three dates so far, with our fourth one hopefully being tonight. Here's the thing, it takes her hours to respond to my texts. Sometimes even a day or two. Now I make sure to not be annoying so I always stick to the 1:1 text ratio and wait for her to respond if I was the last person to text. Her responses are usually always pretty good. Pretty detailed with an occasional compliment thrown in. But this past weekend, she didn't reply to me at all Friday, sent me one text midday yesterday, then when I replied and asked her if a certain time was ok for me to pick her up today, I then never got a response. Her super long response times keeps giving me mixed signals and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm a year out of a five year relationship so sorry for the questions, this is all new to me again.


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  • She is not that into you


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