Is it bad or good to hold on to old feels every now and then?

Yes i have a new girlfriend who i love a lot but i still think of my past every now n then.


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  • I think bad. At least for me, that's what I believe.
    I don't like holding on to things, especially those that may hurt. Especially since I feel that it prevents one from fully enjoying the present.

    Past is to be remained in the past.
    The only time I would keep my old feelings is if he was my husband or something and he passed away.

    • I understand we were almost married and she was my first girlfriend which is why i think i can't 100% let go I don't know but my new girlfriend makes me very happy. but if i see my ex at all even for 2 sef it fucks up my day or everything comes rushing back.

    • Would you leave your new girlfriend, if it was possible to be with the first?

    • Tbh i reallt dont know but it be a hard choice and one i can't make till it ever happens but it won't.

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  • As long as ur not glamorizing ur ex, or thinking about cheating, it's not wrong. It's perfectly normal to think about the past... eventually it will stop...

    • I don't know if it will every go away aug 25 will make it 2 years and i would never ever cheat on my new girlfriend she great and some how i can talked to her about this with out her getting mad am talking about my ex girlfriend.

  • it depends on the past I tend to keep the good memories with me and smile about it. No regrets

    • Its not really memories anymore since i forced them out of my head along while ago. She just sometimes pops in my head and i speak about her or every now n then look at a photo of her. In the past before our break up she was the person i wluld go to when am stress out... so when am stress i think of her other then that i rarely ever think of her. But i go to my new girlfriend now when ams stress out but next month is the month we were forced to break up.

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    • I know the song but what do u mean by it? And I don't know what that plqn is if they have one.

    • Ofc there is a plan.
      I posted this song because he says "I think of her now and then" so it's normal :)

  • I think it's bad and to move on and forget


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