If you were 16 and it was your bf/gf of 8 months' birthday would you have sex with him/her?

Assuming you were in 11th grade (16 years old) and you have been together for almost 9 months?

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What Guys Said 1

  • There's no wrong answer. If you do decide to have sex, please take the necessary measures: condoms and contraceptives. If you aren't prepared to do that, then you should definitely not be having sex.

    • I can't take birth control

What Girls Said 2

  • Sex is not a present. It's something you share with someone because you want to.

    • I never said it was a "present" ? Just asked if you would do it damn

    • If you want to have sex and you feel ready for it then do it. But the way the question was asked came off as if you were wondering whether to have sex because it was his birthday.

    • I'm just saying don't treat your body as a commodity. Have sex because you want to and are ready to not as something you do "for" him.

  • Nope, lol
    I wouldn't. Even if I weren't into the concept of staying chaste till marriage.
    I wouldn't do that just because it's his birthday. Especially at that age

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