Boyfriend was imagining me to be pregnant the other day? 🙈 He for real?

We were talking about having kids when lying in bed early yesterday morning. Don't know how it came about.

He was saying about how women have it harder because we have to grow a child inside of us, then he rubbed my stomach. Lately, when we've been talking along these lines, he'll sometimes rub my tummy or pat it.

So we were cuddling lying in bed, he had his arm round my stomach and we both had our underwear on and he just piped up with 'can you imagine us lying here, but with your tummy being a little bit bigger?' At that he stretched his hand out and made a rounded shape of my tummy as if I was pregnant. I was like...😍 This guy wants to have my kids.

He then admitted to being an eligible mother and said he'd be buying me an ultra safe car if I had his kids. He told me he'd like a little girl too.

So yeah, our conversation got pretty serious. Can't believe he was imagining me with a baby bump. Do you think he's for real? I'm really fond of him.

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  • He will be a wonderful dad and he's ready for a baby
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Most Helpful Guy

  • i can't really say what he wants since i dk him and im not him but, pay attention to what he does during sex

    • Um, ok.

    • So what wound up happening, not that I care

Most Helpful Girl

  • Nobody knows if B would be true since we don't know him. Maybe he's being serious, maybe it's all pillow talk, only he really knows and yiu can kinda guess since you know him best.

    • Well, my instincts tell me he was being serious I guess.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Some guys have a pregnancy fetish. Was he trying to make himself (and subconciously you) aroused? If you've been together for a while then kids are a serious conversation; is he ready for 6 - 10 nappy (diaper) changes a day, sleepless nights, late nights doing bottle sterilising? If it's a fetish then role play; stay on the pill but pretend to have unprotected sex... he'll get the sexual kick and you won't be left holding the baby.

    • No he's like legit been petrified of having kids. To the point he's never even mentioned it to any other girls or even let himself finish inside a girl. So I don't think it's a fetish, I think he's just really into me and genuinely can see us having a family together. We've not been together for long at all? But we've known each other for a while :)

    • If you can see you him and you with a family that's great; I've got two kids and they're my greastest achievements. My advice would be to just wait till you're financially stable and have done everything you want to do as individuals and a couple before you start.

What Girls Said 1

  • ooh girl, you better put your thinking cap on. you want to have a baby with this man? why doesn't he put a ring on it first to show is commitment to you? talk to some single mothers and ask them how it worked out for them. girlfriend, just b/c he's giving you the sweet talk, doesn't mean he's the real deal. i would take this as a red flag.

    • No he's talked about getting engaged too, and obviously we'd be married before having babies. But it just came up in conversation and led to that. He's a good guy... to the point he's never even finished in a girl before because he didn't wanna risk getting her pregnant. He says with me it's different though because he can see me being the kinda mother he wants for his kids.

    • ya, you definitely need to be married and have a stable income before the kids role in! also, i would suggest making sure you have your degree/career plans sorted out too because the possibility of being a single mom is higher now than ever